Open Doors

Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. – Matthew 7:7 –

We don’t always know what is in store for us, even if we’re on a direct path to where we believe we are to end up. God always knows. God always has a plan. I’m starting to get used to the surprises in my journey; rather than looking at the twists and turns as distractions leading to getting frustrated, I’m seeing how each step has correlated with the previous one and what a blessing!

When God gives us life, He gives us purpose. Sometimes we get so caught up on the platform that we forget about our purpose. I’m grateful that God continues to lead me and reminds me when I need to refocus.

Last fall, I saw a vision of myself opening a coffee shop and started taking steps toward that goal. Each step that I took continued onward to the next step – the path seemed to be laid out; everything falling into place and all of the connections were being made. Even so, I had no idea what was about to take place.

4 weeks ago, I was visiting Coffee By Design in Portland. #1 – I had just learned of their existence; #2 – I never would have never been there in that moment without taking this business class. This is when I met my sponsor, Zephi, and after chatting a bit we connected through Facebook. The next day she asked me if I knew anything about Arbonne – I did not but I “knew” what kind of business this was however, I agreed to watch a video that she sent me.

Now to wind back a little, I started the business classes thinking that I could get away with starting a coffee shop for about $10k – 5 weeks ago [just before I met Zephi], the numbers came in closer to $100k!! When I learned that to become an Independent Consultant with Arbonne was only $49 – I was very intrigued and it seemed like a no brainer but I was still hesitant about jumping in. I “sat on the fence” for about a week and Zephi offered to send me a sample package to try some different product – the products quite literally sold themselves! They are simply phenomenal. This was the last piece I needed – I was confident that Arbonne and I stood for the same thing: wanting to positively impact people and make a difference in this world!

I chose Arbonne because it came down to TIME. Time is the one thing that we give away “freely” and yet we can never get it back. When I looked at TIME with this perspective, I realized very quickly that I want to be with my kiddos while they grow up; I want to go on vacations with my husband before we’re 50 AND I want to be able to afford it [not charge it].

I am so very grateful for all of the doors that God has opened throughout my life, especially this one. Even those that He has closed – in hindsight, these were blessings. My advice to you is trust where God is taking you. When He opens doors, take them! And when He closes them, don’t look back. There is a blessing in each step! Just remember that God has seen your future and knows where you are meant go!

To learn more about Arbonne’s incredible business opportunity along with the phenomenal products that are offered, please visit or drop a line below.

With love in Christ,

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