Run Your Race

You Are Not By Accident.

In case you were wondering what the heck you are meant to do or why you’re where you are, just remember, you are not by accident. THIS moment is NOT by accident. God made you with purpose and for a purpose. INTENTIONALLY! Each of us are where we are in this season and in this time to run OUR races. The race in which God designed us for specifically. He equipped us with the skills that we would need specifically for our race. 

The Carpenter. The Engineer. The Baker. The Artist. The Singer. The Dancer. The Writer. The Teacher. The Pastor. The Librarian. The Counselor. The Student. The Stay-At-Home-Parent. The Driver. The Surgeon.

The Encourager. The Lover. The Servant. The Healer. The Peacemaker. The Prayer Warrior. The Leader. The Strong-willed. The Debater. The Optimist. The Adventurer. The Learner.

We were born with God given gifts and talents, intentionally. God knew exactly what would be needed for each yesterday, today, and tomorrow and who would best meet those needs. Our personalities and our characters are exactly as God intended, knowing exactly what we would need to be successful in running our race. Many of our issues come from desiring an acceptance from the world rather than knowing our acceptance in Him.


I used to say often that I should’ve been born in the 1920’s but God doesn’t make mistakes. The 1920’s didn’t need a fiesty, unfiltered, loving spirit such as myself. God knew that my race is right here and right now. It wasn’t easy learning where I fit in for I grew up seeking the approval of my peers; being filled with encouragement that had been intended as good instead me conceited; being full of myself rather than the Holy Spirit. It was a long road to discover that I am here, right here, to run my own race and I am where I am to serve my generation! Here we are now in 2019 and my blinders are being fixed, refocused on the purpose that God is calling me to. And I WILL NOT drop the baton of faith. I will no longer be an unbelieving believer.

“Let us also run with endurance the race that is set before us” – C.Caine.

Have you ever considered that maybe things aren’t going as smoothly as they should because you’re running outside of your race? We are called to run the race set before us. Inspired by the book of Hebrews, Christine Caine also says this:

There is a race set before you; you have a baton of faith. THIS is your moment NOW. Most of us will say, “one day when”… but there is no “one day when” – run the race set before you, now. You’ve only ever got here. There is no there because once you get there, you’re here. You need to understand that it is what you do here now that determines the there and then. Stop scrolling through everyone else’s race and run your own race!


Lord, I pray for each and every one of us that you will fill us with acceptance for ourselves; that we will learn to love ourselves as we are. You designed us intentionally, nothing about us was a mistake, nor does it need to be changed. Thank you, God, for choosing each of us and placing us exactly where you have, intentionally. Let us find peace and comfort in being accepted by You – it is all that really matters; we do not need acceptance from the world to run our race as you intended. Forgive us as we see ourselves through our own eyes or through the world’s perception of us and help us to see through Your eyes. Lead us. In Your Name I pray, Amen.

With love in Christ,

Spirit Lead Me – Michael Ketterer & Influence Music

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