Intentionally Unexpected

Several months back these words were heavy on my heart: Intentionally Unexpected. A random idea came into mind that couldn’t be shaken. A few weeks went by and I came across a necessary piece to the puzzle. Another couple of weeks went by and I finally made a phone call and set a meeting. Unknown pieces to the puzzle kept unraveling and a yellow brick road seemed to form.

Have you ever experienced a season in your life where all the pieces to the puzzle seemed to unfold as necessary? There still may have been some hiccups along the way but even still those closed doors turned into open windows that led to even more amazing opportunities than what you originally had in mind.

You see, we always tend to look at our lives as a mystery but to God it’s intentional. Our journeys, our encounters, they’re all intentional with purpose and meaning beyond our comprehension. Therefore, for us, most journeys are unexpected (whether we find them as good or bad in the moment) but for God, everything is intentional. Hence, Intentionally Unexpected.


Let this remind you that ultimately God is in control and He continues to work all things for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Walk with The One who knew your beginning and your end before you were even born. May God bless your intentionally unexpected journeys!

With love in Christ,


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