The Encounter ♥

Sitting here in my office today getting some work done; His Spirit has filled this place. His presence is overwhelming. I love days like these, where you just can’t help but smile because God is with you. What a blessing to feel Him so close. I’ve been a bit distant from Him lately; having been distracted by things of this world… even so, He always has a way of showing up to say, Hey, I’m still right here. I’ve still got you. You don’t have to do this alone; let’s do this together. I’m so grateful for His encounters ♥

Better For It – Riley Clemmons

I love how Riley broke it down the way she did in her song Better For It. I gained a whole new perspective… You let me be where I’ve been so I can be all that I am. And not that He put me (or you) in particular situations but He allowed me (you) to experience something in turn to allow me (you) self growth. There is simply so much beauty in those words.

Each day I try to remind myself that God is enough for me; it’s not always easy to remember His promises and His encounters. None-the-less, history has shown me that He is and always will be, my one constant. No matter what my life looked like, He would always be there. Friends, even family, sometimes just don’t understand or can’t understand what it is that you are or have gone through; sometimes they just can’t stick it out, but God will not only walk through every situation with you, He will have your escape route all planned out.

He may not keep you out of the pain that was created but He will walk you through it. Don’t forget that you made it through your last set of troubles. Remember that the same God who helped you get through last time, will get you through this time. If you feel like you are on repeat, stop thinking that you can manage it (whatever it is) on your own. If you keep trying to make a change and keep giving up, give it to God. If you keep trying the same things over and over again and keep ending with the same results, it’s time to try something different. If you are at your crossroads and you’ve done all that you can, it’s time to give it to God. He will do what you cannot.

Keep your faith in The One who knew you before you were born, who walks you through your present, and who has seen your future. His love for you is everlasting, unconditional, and sovereign.  Trust in Him. Hope in Him.


Dear God,

I pray that you will find us in our times of trouble; provide us with your peace and comfort. Surround us with your unending love and remind us that you are more than enough. Fill us with your strength and courage to overcome all that lies ahead. We are on our knees asking that you meet us here; bring us healing. Come what may, we will trust and hope in you. Thank you for being our safety.

In your name, Amen.

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