Give Me Faith♥

Give Me Faith – Elevation Worship

Have you ever been on a mission and you’ve stopped off over here then wandered off over there – a.k.a. being distracted from accomplishing what you set out to finish? Our lives get so full of stuff that sometimes we get lost and forget what is really important. We lose sight of our purpose and get distracted or waylaid from our end goal. This life has SO many different enticing offers, it’s difficult to decipher which avenue to take or which path to remain on. Sometimes I need to remind myself to have faith that God has a plan which reminds me to take a step back and slow down.

In their song Give Me Faith, the Elevation Worship team reminds us that we may be weak and our flesh may fail but our God never will. It’s such a beautiful song that brings so much encouragement to my heart. I may not always say the right thing and I may laugh during inappropriate moments. I may not parent the way that you would and I may lose my temper. I may get lost in my travels and I may wander a little out of the way. But God is always there to guide me back to the best path He has set before me.

Remember that whatever path you are on now, whether it be the one you intended or one that you have wandered onto, know that it’s possible to get back to where you are meant to be. Have faith in the God that is bigger than yourself. He knows right where you belong so don’t fight to stay when He says it’s time to move on and stop trying to wander from where He’s trying to keep you. He sets everything in motion for a reason and your blessings will come in His perfect timing.

The only thing harder than waiting on God is wishing that you had♥

Even with all of the distractions of this world, you can finish what you set out to accomplish. Trust that God knows best. When you are feeling weak, allow Him to strengthen your Faith.

With love in Christ,



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