What Will You Choose?

Joy ♥ For King & Country

In every situation there is a decision and with every decision there is a choice. Day 3 of Living The Love Dare states that Love is a decision and not just a feeling. It is selfless, sacrificial, and transformational. Sometimes loving someone becomes difficult and there may be times where you need to make the
decision to continue to love that person. Relationships can be blissfully amazing but they can also get very sticky and unpleasant. We live in a society that sells divorce like candy bars, statistically making 40-50% of marriages annually ending in divorce. If the decision is made to say ‘I Do’ and commit your lives to one another in front of family and friends, it shouldn’t be so easily undone; marriage takes an effort on both parts, it’s not always going to fall into place and stay within a perfect little box wrapped with a bow. Marriage is a sacred vow between a man and woman and it should be respected as such. I believe that if he was worth planning the day, buying the dress, and wearing the diamond; he must be worth the fight♥ Let me be brutally honest with you. My husband and I are very good at fighting. Whether it be fighting against one another or fighting for one another, we do both very well. We have been together now for 13.5 years and have been fighting for one another for 12.5 of those 13.5 years! We were very good at setting up hurdles to jump over but we were also very good at overcoming the challenges we placed in front of us. Some told us to grin & bear it while others told us to cut our losses. We have always been bull headed and beyond stubborn; never willing to forever say goodbye. As much as we understand exactly what God has blessed us with, sometimes we allow other things to get the best of us and we forget the love that we share. We are not proud of these moments in which we lose sight of the unending love that we have for one another. It is also becoming more difficult to remember the love that we continue to fight for with each bad fight that we encounter. Because of this, we had to make a decision. We recently chose to incorporate the daily devotional reminder = Living the Love Dare♥ It’s a simple addition to our day that, surprisingly, we both enjoy and again, it’sDay8 simple. It doesn’t take a lot of time and yet it offers us different reminders for each day that resonate with us personally. We have it set out right next to our coffee maker so it’s honestly the first thing we see in the morning, other than each other! Day 3 (which is mentioned above) and Day 8 (← pictured to the left) are thus far, my favorites; we’re 10 days in. We encourage you to make the choice to maintain a healthy relationship and add this simple yet meaningful reminder into your daily routine(s) as well. [Click HERE].

Every situation comes down to a choice. It’s always 50/50, right? Love or don’t love. Be kind or be hateful. Be honest or lie. Be humble or prideful. Be joyful or miserable. For King & Country has the lyrics perfectly written in their song, Joy (up above). Go ahead, click on the play button again. Choose love. Choose kindness. Choose honesty. Choose to be humble. And choose to be joyful♥

Whatever situation you find yourself facing right now, I pray that you will allow God to lead you down the best path He has mapped out for you. I understand that relationships and marriages can be very difficult but you have a choice to make; make it a good one… what will you choose?

With love in Christ,


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