Changes: Those that are Exciting and those that are Scary.

CHANGES. What a word. So many different emotions are packed into such a small word. With each passing year, one gains another year of experiences, growth, and wisdom. These changes may bring excitement; they may bring some fear.

Our son is turning two tomorrow. Every one of his milestones have been full of excitement and have most certainly been a blessing to watch. His learning experiences have brought many outbursts of laughter along with a few tears of frustration all in which allow him further self growth. These achievements are both exciting and scary. Exciting because he’s learning independence. Scary because he’s becoming more independent. It’s a catch twenty-two, I know.

I can go back through every milestone and remember the joy that was brought to my heart like it was yesterday. There have been so many achievements over the past two years and yet it seems as though he was born just yesterday. Time is escaping us which adds another degree of difficulty to overcome.  As a mother, I want him to be successful; I want him to learn how to do things on his own; for him to continue to become this intelligent, kindhearted human being that he is. Wanting these things is scary because #1: what if I don’t teach him how to handle life the correct way? What if I mess up? and #2: I have to let him go one little piece at a time to allow him room to grow and ensure his success.

I’m sure as most parents hope, I too hope and choose to believe that God has something big in store for this boy. FB_IMG_1526737659456.jpg So now my thoughts are comforted by knowing that God entrusted me to be this little boys mommy; to raise him to become the man that God intended. If God believed in me enough to properly instill love, kindness, respect, encouragement (among many other qualities) into this amazing little boy, then I should have a little faith in myself and trust in the Big Man Upstairs that He knows what he’s doing. He sets everything in motion for a purpose and change simply comes along with our journey.

So here’s to our changes and knowing that exciting and scary can be one in the same. Here’s to all of the achievements that you’ve already mastered and to all of the discoveries you’re going to encounter. May you always be the best that you can be and that you never lose your loving spirit. I pray that this journey is kind to you and that you never stray far from the path that God has mapped out for you. May you always know how much you are loved. May you always understand that you get more done with kindness. May you always remember to believe in yourself and trust in God. And always remember that together, family can overcome every hurdle.

To my littlest bear cub, no matter how big you get, my baby you will always be♥
Happy 2nd Birthday, Buddy. I’m so proud of you!


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