Ever Be

A few weeks ago it was brought to my attention that all I ever wrote about, talked about, and shared on social media pointed to God in one way or another. I was no longer sharing anything about the rest of my life and it was a bit overbearing. I was taken back by these words because I was simply sharing an important part of my life (like when a painter shares his beautiful masterpieces or a singer/songwriter shares her magical lyrics). But I immediately made the decision to reign it in. At first, this was really difficult for me to swallow though because I felt as though I was being put in a box. After hearing these insights, I thought thatcat_in_a_box I needed to make a change to be more encompassing and inclusive. Ironically, I had found this very GIF to share. To me, it was my inner turmoil but to the rest of the world, it was cute and funny – perfectly killing two birds with a single stone. I went on to revamp my entire web page here to encompass all the joys of life; no longer sharing only how Christ has changed my life but happy to share when asked. Now if you have been following along from the beginning, I’m sure you noticed the transition from being solely a Christ-centered resource to adding in my love for country music and yoga workouts as well. Not that any of this is wrong but I did feel a bit like I was being asked to dim my inner light. I have gone from actively and openly speaking the love of Christ, possibly making a few people uncomfortable, to quieting my voice to allow those around me more comfort. So with each passing day, I have left out sharing the daily Bible verse but have remembered to share something that would still bring a smile to someone’s face. I let loose with my family and was still able to take my littles to church, drawing near to the God above that gave me purpose. Now having worked through it all and thinking about it in a new a perspective has allowed me to realize that YES, I can hold God at the center of my life and I can share His love through my actions (it doesn’t have to be all through words, hence it’s written in the Bible in 1 John 3:18!). But guess what! I can also love country music and look like a fool while trying to ungracefully transition between yoga moves (PS. I’m not sure how those yoga instructors are so darn graceful and angelic looking!) I can laugh at stupid jokes and chase my family on the beach. It is okay to live while you are here on earth and it’s possible to have a relationship with the Big Man Upstairs at the same time; sharing the peace and love He offers without being that person that crams it down someone’s throat. (Every situation in life simply needs to be looked at with a new perspective and sometimes you need to take a step back to move forward).

In my mind, it’s pretty simple. I love my little family with all of heart. My friends mean a great deal to me as well. I want to ensure that everyone is taken care of and to know that if there is ever a need, I will do everything that I can. And for the things that I cannot change, I will say a prayer to the God above who still does miracles. I just want to live happily ever after sharing peace and love with family, friends, and those I merely walk by.

1271935771.gifWith all of that being said, always remember that our passion is what drives us. It offers us meaning and purpose. It’s what makes each of us unique. Maybe you have a passion for music and you bless those around you with the voice of an angel. Maybe you’re passion is giving back to those who are less fortunate than yourself and you help drill wells to bring fresh water to communities throughout Africa. Maybe you are a nurse and helping the sick become well again is your passion. Maybe you love being in the great outdoors and you bless people with guided tours. No matter what your passion is, YOU are making a difference because of your passion. Don’t ever lose your passion. Don’t ever lose yourself!
Be who you are and share your passion(s).

As for me, I basically have a passion for everything under the sun – Seriously, God made things interesting for me to say the least! But first and foremost, when I surrendered my life to Him, He gave me a new heart; one that yearns to love everyone, laugh REALLY hard to the point of tears, and live a life full of love with the love of my life❤ Love is my passion.

For you, may your passion(s) ever be…

With love in Christ,


Ever Be – Kalley Heiligenthal

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