What You Put In = What You’ll Put Out

This morning I embarked on a new journey. One that encompasses mind and body through Yoga. An incredible person I’m blessed to call a friend suggested a YouTube channel called Boho Beautiful. Now it’s been a few months since I had done any sort of regimented stretching or full body workouts but do you think I could of found the Yoga For Beginners class? OF COURSE NOT! Well, I jumped right in to Yoga For All Levels and I quickly came to the realization that I should’ve stretched prior to stretching! I also realized that it’s very difficult to focus on breathing while trying to learn the moves. Although my muscles wanted to give up before they began and I probably looked like some sort of unorthodox interpretive dancer, I persevered through those 14.75 minutes and afterward, I felt incredible. No, I wasn’t all of a sudden a yoga master but for the first time in a long time, I did something. Something that made me feel better about myself.

Your decisions today will define your tomorrow.

It is so important to realize that what you put into your body, your mind, your soul; what you put in is what you’ll get out. (This can be related to your relationships and work atmosphere as well.) You can’t expect to earn more money if you are not persistent in putting into your work what you want out of it. Same goes for your relationships. If you only want to benefit from what others are bringing to the table, odds are, those relationships will unravel right in front of you. If you fill your body with junk food, you’re going to lack energy and motivation. If you start your day off with negative thinking, you’re going to have a lousy day. If you feed your soul with griping and groaning, don’t expect to gain anything more than that…


For the past year, I’ve only been focused on filling my spiritual needs and had been lacking in other areas of my life. Well now it’s time for some additions to my journey. Will you join me? Let’s round off those square edges and make room for those necessary improvements. Continue growing in your faith along with bringing strength to your body, soul, and mind.

Remember to start your day off with positive thinking (along with positive prayer), a heart full of compassion, and a R.A.O.K! When the day is started with the right frame of mind and the appropriate tools, the odds are in your favor and the ripple is so much more easily started. Get out there and make a difference. Not only in ourselves but more importantly, let’s make a difference for those around us. May you all be richly blessed by our Father in Heaven.

With Love in Christ,


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