Spiritual Battles & Little Miracles

Have you ever looked at your life and thought, “Wow, how did this happen? How did I get here?” For myself, I can look back through the years of “knowing” God, separating myself from Him, and then coming back with a whole new perspective. I’m grateful to say, I’m nothing without Him. I would not be where I am today, without His guidance, love, courage, and strength. Even sitting here, writing this out, I would never have sat here in this moment and silently stayed put without Him keeping me in check. Even as I do, my flesh is screaming to get up and leave… my flesh is in turmoil knowing what God wants and what evil wants. Satan wants us to live in turmoil. Never finding peace and comfort; never knowing what real love is; keeping us from our purpose with whatever distractions he can come up with… even in knowing all of this, knowing what God has to offer me personally – not only myself, but each of us because He loves each of us as though we’re the only one – unfortunately is sometimes forgotten.1522263611668_1907_640x640.jpg We all know first hand how difficult this life can be; some more than others. The enemy is very good at stealing our joy by continuously trying to put out the light that shines within us; he will go to any length to do so also and for some reason, we always allow him to get away with it. We’re always blaming God for everything; we’re always angry with God… which in reality, that is exactly what Satan wants. We need to allow the blinders to fall off and pull back the curtain on our true enemy in this world. It was recently put into perspective that God has a will for our lives, Satan has a will for our lives, and we have the free will to choose. I always knew that God had a plan for my life and I have always understood that God gave us free will because He wanted us to choose life over death. The one thing I’ve never thought about was the fact that Satan also has a will for my life. One that includes destruction, constant turmoil, and eternal death. I don’t know about you, but personally, I would never choose that willingly. The funny thing is many of us unknowingly have indeed chosen exactly this. With the simple fact that we are consumed by the world we live in.

1522264504758_7422_640x640.jpgWe have desires of this world that we alone cannot control. Without the supernatural help of our creator, sometimes we can become consumed by addictions that separate us from Him; not only our relationship with Him (or lack there of) but many times our relationships with family and friends will deteriorate because we full-heartedly believe that we are in control; we can stop doing whatever it is whenever we want and it’s not up to other people to judge us. The thing is, we are not in control. Whether you believe in Him or not, ultimately, God is in complete control. He is a sovereign God, knowing every detail about us (and loving every detail) prior to our existence. He set everything in motion from the very beginning. (I know what you’re thinking and you can go right ahead and stop thinking it. Bad things happen because we have embraced a sinful way of living. That’s on us; that was never apart of His original plan. Now He takes our mistakes and works them in according to His purpose.) We can make one of two choices: we can give God control; hand over the reigns and yield to His leadership OR we can pretend He doesn’t exist and allow evil to rule, wreaking havoc over our lives. Are you sitting there thinking that you only live once and life should be a party? I’m going to generalize here but let me ask you a question and do yourself a favor by answering honestly. How fulfilling is a life of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll? Are you ever really satisfied? I’m going to answer this for you because our lives were intended to have relation with our Heavenly Father and anything outside of that will never allow us to be completely satisfied. There will always be something that we are searching for and without coming to the realization that He is what we’re missing, we’ll never be complete…


Have you ever taken into consideration those moments throughout life where things just fall into place? You have no idea how or why but somehow you made it through. You had a need and somehow it was taken care of or provided for. Anything ringing a bell here? Maybe you made a decision to move cross country and didn’t have a plan once you got there; you simply knew you had to get there and somehow everything fell into place. Or maybe you had what you thought was a great job, apartment, boyfriend (whatever the case may be or have been) but then it was gone; you were laid off at work; your apartment changed ownership; your boyfriend left… now you have no idea what you’re going to do. You’re confused, angry, fearful. It’s okay because The Big Man upstairs already knows the outcome. Sometimes He needs to shake things up a bit because you’re not where He intended you to be. He has a better plan for you than the one you had for yourself. Simply remember to always keep progressing; moving forward. These moments are those little miracles that you don’t understand in the moment but later you look back and think, thank God for….

There are so many things set into motion between the good, the bad, and everything in between that it would really take a mastermind to figure out all of the why’s.

Be blessed by the little miracles in life. Don’t get hung up on the bad; shake it off. And simply have fun with everything in between because the battle has already been won. Our victory is in Christ Jesus. It’s pretty simple – accept it and move on. Go live it out. Spread love. Be kind. Share a laugh. Show some mercy. ❤

With Love in Christ,


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