What Will You Magnify?

MAGNIFYMagnify the strengths of someone rather than their weaknesses. Have you ever noticed that you get more of whatever trait you magnify?

I believe that in some cases the decision between magnifying someone’s strengths over their weaknesses may lie within our current state of mind. My spouse has a tendency to set a returnable bottle on the counter that is right next to the pantry door, which is where we store the returnables in a bag until we take them outside. My thought is, “how hard is it to open the door?” Sometimes it’s more basic, “really?” But either way, an eye roll is always involved. Now, if I’m in a foul mood already, I am going to have some sort of smart remark that I actually speak out loud, which depending on his mood may be adding a coal to the fire.


I do not want to spend my time focusing on the weaknesses of others, or even my own for that matter. Do you? I mean honestly, I’m a wife and mommy, I promise I have plenty of other things that I could fill that time with and besides, it’s not helpful (unless of course, your goal is to terrorize those around you, then yeah you’ll probably be pretty successful). But seriously, if we were to spend more time highlighting ones achievements, don’t you think we’d all be happier? Spirits would be lifted all around which would allow a more positive surrounding and a less negative atmosphere.

positive_thinkingFor example: I hate hearing things 3rd party. Really if someone wants to say something about me or to me, why don’t they just speak directly to me? I have to remind myself to let it go because later I will find myself still thinking about whatever it may have been and I’ll become {some sort of emotion} all over again. Sometimes it’s what I said or didn’t say; did or didn’t do that keeps me {some sort of emotion}. Whatever the case may be, personally I need to remember what (or who) my focus should be on. Does anyone else have this issue or go over and over things in your mind trying to come up with a different outcome or different feelings? See what you bring to the table when you magnify something negative? You create a negative atmosphere. Now what if we woke up each morning and thought today is going to be a beautiful day rather than is it Friday yet? When you start your day off thinking positively the odds are in your favor to have a more positive day. Remember, you will only set yourself up for failure if you continue to think and speak negatively. Now let’s take it one step further to create not only a positive frame of mind but a positive atmosphere! I forget where I found this but I find it so beautiful:

Positive thinking can change yourself but positive prayer will change the world.

It’s time to live it out. It won’t be easy, that’s for sure. We live in a society that is all about “me, me, me”. With that being said, I truly believe that if we can train our minds to think of others first, we ourselves will be more happy. I’m quite certain that it was Pastor Steven Furtick who had said, it is giving not keeping that leads to receiving. Meaning it is more rewarding for one to give unto others. I’m not saying that you always have to give nor am I saying it’s not a blessing to receive; what I’m saying is that thinking of others and putting others before ourselves is when God will work the most. You may think that what you are offering is not enough but know that God will take what you have and multiply. humilityIt may mean nothing to you, but I promise, it means the world to those you are blessing. I remember listening to a story of a woman who was walking into a grocery store and saw a homeless man. It was laid on her heart to buy him some food. She instantly wanted to buy him some nice, warm, fried chicken but the Lord kept advising her of what she would offer to the man. Long story short, she came back out of the store and started talking with the man while providing him with the food that she purchased for him then started to walk away. Another woman had come out of the store and provided him with some of that nice, warm, fried chicken. This story reminds me that #1: God has a purpose for each of us according to His plan; #2: by allowing Him to speak through us, by listening to what He has to say, and by being obedient, the blessing will be immeasurably more than we had anticipated.

One_World Last but surely not least, what we magnify in this world is what we will get more of. If we choose to spread hate and discontent, I guarantee we will see more tragedy and loss. If we choose to spread love and kindness, we will see more healing throughout our land.

Tell me, how do you see the world that we live in? Is everything around you separate or are you blessed to have a sense of community? God intended for us to live alongside one another together and in peace. I’ve said it before, life takes a village! Let’s go out there and make a difference. Open yourself up for the abundance that God has for you. Know that our blessings are just on the other side of our obedience. “One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.” – Proverbs 11:24. Pray for guidance and heed His calling for you. Remember that you play an unimaginably important role throughout this life. Don’t give up and don’t give in.

Dear God,
You really are an omniscient Father. Thank you for providing all that we need; your timing is always impeccable. Please forgive us of our magnification of our neighbor’s faults and not recognizing our own. I pray for guidance in all that we do; that we do everything to glorify you, blessing those around us. I pray that we will come together and seek a relationship with you allowing the healing of our land. As always, continue to walk with us and work through us. In your name, I pray. Amen.

With Love in Christ,


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