Beautifully Broken

“You’re beautifully broken
And you can be whole again
Even a million scars doesn’t change whose you are
You’re worthy
Beautifully Broken
You’re beautifully broken, beautifully broken
You’re beautifully broken”

This morning when I got into my vehicle to head to work, this song called Beautifully Broken by Plumb was playing. Have you ever noticed that God always provides you with exactly what you need with perfect timing? The past few days have been challenging to say the least; this morning I simply needed to remember that even as imperfect as I am, I am a child of His and I am worthy. I had never heard this song prior to this morning but I have always been blessed by her music.

When the world around us seems to be crashing down on us, it’s not always easy to remember our worth and that we have a purpose according to His plan. But we do! If we could remember to lean into our Heavenly Father’s embrace, we would know without a doubt all that we are. But sometimes our focus is lost and we stumble over our fears and doubts. Our enemy will throw anything our way to discourage an engaging relationship with God. No matter what lies the devil will speak to you (whether it be your own thoughts or from others around you), remember that “you are fearfully and wonderfully made!” – Psalm 139:14.


From my experience, you can’t please everyone; you won’t always do things the way others would do them. Personally, this is such a hard statement for me to overcome. I just want people to be happy; bring a smile to their face and share some love. For me, living happily is broken down very simply: be kind, be respectful, and love one another. Sounds pretty simple right? But of course, the world has to be full of that thing called sin and life isn’t that cookie cutter perfect. Sometimes tempers will flare and patience is forgotten… but then conviction settles in (for me anyway) and my heart becomes very heavy. The word conviction brings confirmation providing me knowledge that I’m engaging with God and that He continues to work on softening my heart. I know this because I spent 2 years not talking to my sister (a fight that started over a sweater – can you imagine?!). Honestly, thinking about it makes my heart hurt. I’m so grateful that God opened my eyes and softened my heart to know how much I need her; not only need but want. (Oh yeah, I just got all mushy there – she’s reading this and she’s calling me names under her breath, trying not to cry…).

My point to this is that even though we cannot always get it right and sometimes we make complete fools of ourselves, the beauty is that God is still with us. Others may walk away saying we’re a lost cause, but God will always be our one constant, from beginning to end. He loves us entirely and completely. He hurts when we hurt and laughs when we laugh. To the world, we may be nothing; but to Him, we are everything.


I pray that you find peace and comfort within the loving embrace of our Heavenly Father; that not only will your eyes see the truth but your heart will also feel His truth. Always know just how much He loves you and know that it is okay to be beautifully broken❤

I will leave you with a prayer that a close friend shared with me recently:

Father, forgive me for the bitterness in my heart and unfairness on my lips. Through Your Spirit, help me better use my speech to bless others and glorify you. May I speak your truth with your love today in all my conversations. Through Him who is Truth and Love, I pray. Amen.

With Love in Christ,


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