That Still Small Voice

Have you ever read a book and wondered what the author was thinking when they wrote it? I jotted down this title “That Still Small Voice” two weeks ago, not yet knowing what this writing would entail. In all honesty, as I sit here typing, I’m still wondering where God is going to lead us; what journey is He going to take us on today? I think that might be the key. We each have a beautiful story to live out and an author that we have total access to. I love having a personal relationship with the author of my story; to be able to ask Him for His guidance to lead me where He intended; knowing that I don’t have to do this alone. Don’t you just love that???1523726049857_image.jpg God provides us with promise after promise all throughout His word and you know, He’s never once left me hanging. I don’t know about you but if the author of my story is offering me a hand, I’m going to take it, for He has seen my tomorrow. I prefer to walk with the One who knows what I will need and simultaneously be what I need prior to my knowing. I understand that there are moments in all of our lives where we simply cannot comprehend the ‘why’. There is a lot of emotion that lies within the unknown but the beautiful thing is the hope that we have in our faith that God is in control. You know, it’s okay to ask the why’s. It’s even okay to get angry with God; He did instill us with all of these crazy emotions for a reason. The thing to remember is that after we feel the anger, work through the abandonment, whatever the raging emotion is, it is key to remember to bring it to God and lay it before Him. In the end, God is that still small voice that we feel deep within us; that yearning that we can never seem to fulfill, is the cry for His love.

11300.jpegSomeone that I care for deeply sent me this image this morning. I know that our author has set everything in motion for a divine purpose according to His plan but I wonder if people know when God is working through them. I can’t even explain to you what this means to me…

I will leave you with this, are you aware of that still small voice within you? Do you know just how much God loves you? Are you aware that through every season of your life, He has been there with you? If you are unaware of these points or have any doubt, I would like to pray for you and with you.


With Love in Christ,


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