Grace Like Rain

What does it mean to you to find peace and comfort? When you are hurting or scared where do you run? When you feel empty or alone who do you run to? When you are full of worry what do you seek to bring you peace and comfort?

Before I realized who God is and what He really offers, I was lost. I knew who God was supposed to be, I was raised in a Pentecostal home with God fearing parents. I was a believer but I was lost. 10-15 years ago, my search for peace and comfort only left me more broken and alone then I had started out. I tried to live my life the way I wanted and without acknowledging the guidance that was being offered. When I was full of worry or anxiety, my resolve was to smoke cigarettes until the shaking stopped. When I felt empty or alone, I’d later find myself in the same arms that left me feeling empty and alone. I have scars that reveal the hurt that I felt. Obviously, my way was not the best way in any circumstance.

I’m so very grateful that God had had enough; that he reached down and shook me awake; that he took my hand, ensuring that I knew He had me. You see, He’s always there with each and every one of us. He walks through all of the same muck and mire that we do. His simple request is that we engage; that we reach out to grasp all that He is offering. He loves us and created us all to be apart of His family. He will provide us immeasurably more than we ask, if only we allow Him the opportunity.

I can’t imagine my life without God’s mercy and grace; without His willingness to forgive my sins. I can’t imagine it because there probably wouldn’t be much of one left if it weren’t for God’s grace. He met me in my darkest of days and took me just as I was. I stand before you now found by the grace of God. This doesn’t mean that I always have it together; it simply means that I now know where to find my peace and comfort. A peace and comfort that is everlasting. Todd Agnew has it beautifully written in his song “Grace Like Rain“.

A local restaurant owner who is devoted to bettering our community currently has “Don’t put a period where God put a comma” on her business sign. No matter the situation you are in or the one that you just crawled out of, God will meet you there. The love, mercy, and grace that God offers to us brings a whole new meaning to life – in fact, it is life. “For by grace you have been saved through faith” – Ephesians 2:8. God has a plan and you have a part in it.

Remember that God uses people of all statures. He uses broken people; He takes tragedy and creates joy; He can take a product of sin and change the world ❤
– Read Genesis 16: The story of Abram & Hagar
– Read Genesis 37:18-36 & Genesis 39-41:57

Our choices, our solutions, our mistakes – no, they are not what God had intended but His promise is to take our decisions and use them; He will work it into His plan. Take heart, God doesn’t believe in expiration dates; bring what you have and He will redeem it. If you are harboring regret, let it go! God will redeem you. But, if you hold onto your regret, you will repeat it.

When I accepted God’s grace and chose God’s will over my own, not only did I find peace and comfort but I found freedom. He offers you that same freedom❤ Today I will leave you in prayer.

Dear God,
Thank you for showering us with grace like rain even when we don’t deserve it. Forgive us for the sins that separate us from you. Thank you for always keeping your promise to redeem us. In times that are difficult for us to walk in faith, provide us your strength and courage to trust in you. Embrace us within your loving arms that we may find peace and comfort. In your name, I pray – Amen.

With love in Christ,


“The only thing harder than waiting on God is wishing that you had.”

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