Keep Me In This Moment

Have you ever heard that saying, “The nights are long but the years are short”? If you are a parent, you know how much truth is in this statement. Some of you may have hoped and prayed for years before finding out that you were pregnant. Some may have had to take extraordinary measures to have a baby. Some of you may know the terminology of a “Rainbow Baby”. I remember after Barrett and I were married in 2011, we moved back to Maine in May of 2012. We returned home just as we had left, without any warning, we simply showed up. When we found out in June of 2012 that we were about 6 weeks pregnant, everyone thought that is why we made our way back to the east coast. In all reality, even as we lived on the edge of Christianity, God was with us and He knew what our season was going to hold before we did; He knew that we would need our families. “We can make our plans but the Lord determines our steps” – Proverbs 16:9. July 23rd, Barrett and I walked into that OB’s office prepared to hear our babies heart beat. We were not prepared for the silence that devoured us. I cannot explain why things happen as they do, all I can say is that it’s all according to the purposeful plans that God has for us all. There is a purpose for the tragedies that we endure; our focus in knowing that He is always with us is key.

We can allow our sorrows to swallow us up or we can lean into God’s loving embrace and allow Him to strengthen us and remind us that our blessings are just around the next bend.

Fast forward to the present time, Barrett and I have been blessed with a home and two very happy, healthy littles that are now 3.5 and (almost) 2. The transition from infancy into toddler stages is a difficult and frustrating transition that demands patience from all involved. For instance, our son has recently learned how to turn the door knobs allowing the doors to open. This is one of those “Aha!” moments for him but after the third, fourth… tenth time of slamming the door closed, we are at our wits end. But even in these moments of climbing on the couches, opening doors, throwing food, tupperware theft, and empty bottles of Aveeno Baby Wash (because what’s a bath without bubbles?) I pray that God will keep me in this moment. I pray that God will provide me with His strength to wrestle the kids off the couches and His encouragement to keep progressing forward because even in these moments where patience is wearing thin, I need to remember that the nights are long but the years are short. Matthew West has it beautifully written in The Beautiful Things We Miss.

I will close with this, Your struggle for today is setup for your success tomorrow! And know that God is always with you; you can be confident that He will provide you everything that you need in every season that you are in.


With love in Christ,


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