What is your attitude towards prayer? Do you pray often or do you cry out when you are in desperate need? If you are praying, what are you praying for? Are you praying for your will or God’s will? I struggled with prayer for a long time until I studied a devotion on Praying Effectively – it was broken down simply and gave my prayers more purpose. When we know how to pray effectively, prayer is a very powerful tool – Prayer Moves Mountains ❤

P is for Praise. When you want to come to God, come to Him with a grateful heart.


R is for Repent. It’s not always about the big faults that you know are wrong but it’s also about repenting for the unknown that could be a barrier between you and God. Sometimes our attitudes or some things that we say are inconsistent with God’s character – we may not realize that we have done anything that may cause a barrier but let’s pray that God reveal such sin that may be overlooked. He will honor your heart of repentance.


A is for Ask. Once you have entered into God’s presence with praise and you have cleared your heart by repenting – you can now be confident that you are right with God and you may now ask for His favor. Although He knows all that we need before we ask… He may not provide all that we ask for in every moment but He will provide all that we need for each season of our lives.


Y is for Yield. Yielding is when you stop talking and you wait, listen, and seek to hear from God. Ask God, “Do you have instructions for me? Is there anything you want me to change?” Open your heart to God and wait for His guidance – He will speak to you if you quiet yourself to listen.


God wants us to ask but there are conditions for answered prayers. He gives us simple, straight forward instructions – we simply need to follow them. “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” – 1 John 14:13


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